October 12, 2018
Festival opens at 4 pm

October 13, 2018

Festival opens at 9 am

Live Entertainment!
Over 500 Crafters and Vendors!
Delicious Food!

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Ladies Skillet Toss, Scrapple Chunkin' Contest, and Kids Apple Toss
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These signature events feature contestants chunkin' scrapple "shot-put" style, tossing iron skillets, and tossing apples! Prizes are awarded to the top finishers in each event. These events will be held on Saturday beginning at 1:00 pm at a NEW LOCATION: 2 N. Laws Street by the cemetary gate! Registration begins at 1:00 for the Apple Toss, 1:30 for the Skillet Toss, and 2:30 for the Scrapple Chunkin' Contest.